Sense of being

Vigna di Pettineo is an organic project in continuous evolution, where the origins of the area, fieldwork and respect for the ecosystem are the basis of our company philosophy that represents our sense of being.
We not only wanted to produce an organic wine, we wanted to produce it in full respect of nature. To achieve this we have introduced some practices including, just to name a few, respect for biodiversity, grassing, use of charcoal, reuse of rainwater and production of electricity from renewable sources.

Biodiversity is not just the sum of different kind of animals, plants and micro-organisms, biodiversity means that all species, including humans, have evolved together influencing each other, sometimes for hundreds years, each with its own unique and unrepeatable history. For this reason we apply grassing, sometimes permanent, which not only defend the land from erosion, but also promotes the development of different species of microorganisms that trigger life underground. To attract insects, that would otherwise have disappeared, we planted 80 meters of flowering bushes per hectare of vineyard. Finally, to give shelter to different families of reptiles, we restored around the vineyards the dry-stone walls typical of the Ragusa area.

Our experiments done within a sustainable agriculture range from the use of different mixtures of legumes for green manure to the use of charcoal to maintain the humidity of the soil in dry periods and to enhance the activity of microorganisms. In addition, we are studying the use of oils and plant extracts to replace copper-based products and sulfur, the use of biodegradable materials and the reduction and replacement of sulphites in wine making process.
Our attention to safeguard the environment around us has also pushed us to use irrigation water from reservoirs, to choose a sub-irrigation system in order to reduce water consumption to a quarter, to collect rainwater for reuse and to install solar panels to self-produce the electricity we consume.
We, at Vigna di Pettineo, have no intention of stopping here.

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